Saffron for Health, Wealth & Wisdom

Saffron for Health, Wealth & Wisdom Blog 1 Introduction The use of saffron (Crocus sativus) dates back roughly 3,600 years ago and is thus not new to the world of agriculture. While the majority of it’s origins trace back to ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman civilizations, contemporary societies have now placed a high value on the red-gold novelty. Spanning the world from countries as diverse as Greece, Iran, and Canada, the cash-crop has built a global reputation and is sought-after now more than ever. Along with simply being a tasty delight, an increasing focus of Saffron’s popularity is the medicinal value the plant holds. While the medicinal effects are widely debated, it is known that ancient societies successfully experimented with its effects thousands of years ago. Fast forward to today and the therapeutic uses are diverse and implemented across cultures around the world. In order to understand any function of saffron,

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