Saffrosystems was organized to drive the ultimate goal of pioneering the world’s leading online platform for saffron growers, enthusiasts and researchers, to connect, learn and grow their own saffron pursuits.

In attempt to illuminate how agronomic practices involving saffron could help reshape our environment, Saffrosystems was originally conceived by Khalil Z. Mirza, CEO, in 2017.

Under the tutelage of expert saffron researchers from the North American Center for Saffron Research and Development, the Saffrosystems team developed a niche and passion for saffron. Since then, we have been working closely with a variety of global and local stakeholders—from researchers and growers to policy makers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

Saffrosystems is dedicated to providing innovative products and services to the online SaffroMember community. From consulting clients to innovating mechanized tools for production of saffron, our wide array of products and services are designed carefully for each consumer to ensure personalization and success.

The Saffrosystems team is trained in a diverse range of fields. We specialize in providing information to saffron growers, researchers and enthusiasts. We customize portfolios on an individual basis, to better accommodate the needs of each relationship formed and improve efficacy.

Saffrosystems relies on numerous scientific and novel platforms as well as methodologies in order to relay the most pertinent information. We are constantly looking to revise our approaches so please provide us with your feedback!

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