Company Statements

  • The values we bring as a business organization come from within each of us and define who we are, both personally and professionally. Our key defining values are:
  • Be transparent
  • Be respectful
  • Always encourage and support personal and professional growth
  • Develop leaders within the organization
  • Value Statement: We value our investors, customers and stakeholders, the environment, and all who we serve. This includes relations with all of our employees, our consultants, our vendors, and all who use our products and services. All persons are regarded as valuable entities in the success of this company. We embrace the concepts of diversity, unity, and inclusion.
  • Mission Statement: We seek to empower and inspire farmers to sustainably produce saffron for a growing world population in an ever-changing climate.
  • Vision Statement: Become an industry leader of and help promote the saffron market, and saffron related products.
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