Saffron Corm Sowing Mechanization

As we approach the summer, it’s time to turn our attention to high-volume corm planting. We’ve received a lot of inquiries about mechanizing saffron corm sowing, and we’re excited to provide you with some helpful information. Over the years, there have been many innovations for semi- to fully-mechanized farming tools to help plant large amounts of saffron corms. In this newsletter, we’ll explore some of the most successful technologies and adaptations: Single-bottom moldboard plow with corm hopper that is drawn by a tractor while a worker throws corms in a free-fall tube Spoon/cup seed metering device (similar to those used in┬ápotato planters) A seven-row saffron corm planter with a corm container, roller-type seed metering device, furrow openers, corm covering packer, carrying wheels, and a power transmission as developed to be attached to a tractor via a three-point hitch and the seed metering device driven by a ground wheel (see picture

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