“The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits”. -Albert Einstein

Dr. Canovatchel is an Associate Professor at Champlain College teaching economics, finance, and data analytics. In 2015 he earned his PhD from Fordham University in economics with concentrations in Financial, Development and International Economics. Dr. Canovatchel has many years of experience in the financial and technology world. In 1986 he began his career on Wall Street working as a Financial Analyst. While there, he developed financial models for IBM, AT, and XT computers. After several years in corporate America, he left for the hallowed halls of academia.

Dr. Canovatchel is an Associate Professor at Champlain College teaching courses in economics, finance, data analytics, database systems and programming. He is passionate about teaching, and discovering novel methods to deliver information affectively to his students within and outside of the classroom.

After earning his Master’s Degree from Fordham University, Frank began his career as a financial analyst on Wall Street. There he developed financial models using the first IBM AT and XT computers. After leaving Wall Street, he began his career teaching Economics, Computer Applications and Web Programming. His interests in Web technology includes systems analysis, JSON, PHP, JavaScript, database development, information systems and the business of technological innovation. In economics, his interests include economic development, speculation in the commodities market as well as international finance and trade.

Frank returned to Fordham University to pursue a PhD in Economics which he completed in May of 2015. His dissertation focused on a pricing model for rice exports and the impact of speculation on rice prices. In 2006, Frank co-authored his first book, “New Perspectives on JavaScript Programming”. He is currently working with a publisher to develop a strategy to bring to the market a series of books that cover the foundations of Microeconomics—the first book in the series, “A Simple Explanation of Consumer Demand” is with a publisher. He is currently completing his second book in the series, “A Simple Explanation of Producer Supply”. This series of economic-centered books is written for students who are not majoring in economics and tend to struggle with these concepts.

Frank is also completing a first draft of a book on database design, and working on other manuscripts encompassing the following topics: statistical analyses of big data and the financial analysis of technological innovation.

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